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But there was a TikTok vs. YouTubers boxing event recently that we did zero coverage on and apparently that was a mistake.

That thing did gangbusters elsewhere, so now we are doing the bare minimum for this tripe just in case this is something people on the Internets actually care about.

We didn’t cover the TikTok thing mainly because we thought it was beneath us. If we’d let our feelings of superiority slip we would have probably recognized that TikTok was a runaway train with Gen Z and that we could have gotten a lot of reads/clicks if we had put out a few posts about it.

I don’t think this Big Brother thing is likely to be a hit like that one was. Does anyone actually watch that show? I have no idea. But just in case it is,

I’m gonna spend 15 minutes doing a stream of consciousness preview here and a live discussion post on Friday night. It happens on Friday night at 7PM ET, by the way, and can be viewed on Fite.TV.

If I was really phoning this in I would just cap this post off at 250 words. That’s what our SEO people say we need in order to have our post appear high up in google searches. But, you know, what? I got ten more minutes to spare so let’s actually look at this fight card.

Full disclosure, I spent the first half of my life in England so my Big Brother knowledge tops out at Jade Goody’s verruca and Bubble building a tower out of sugar-cubes

There’s probably a big back story regarding these nicknames. If you know it, good for you. I’m definitely not looking it up.

Stream Links ➠ Stream 1╎Stream 2 HD╎Stream 3╎

The Fessy Hunter guy looks like someone who would talk my ear off at a ren fair about Krav Maga. There is an intensity about him, though.

The other guy looks like half the 1-2 dudes on Tapology. I say he wins, mostly because I think the other guy won’t do a good enough job tying his hair up and will be futzing with that the entire fight.

This is the main event and it comes with a little more info. Both women weigh 145 lbs. Doherty (the Canadian) is 5’5” and her American opponent is 5’9”. Doherty is 28, five years younger than Clark.

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