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Pat McAfee is our first Royal Rumble surprise! Joining the announce table much to the shock of Michael Cole and chagrin of Corey Graves.

Gunther is in at number one for his first Royal Rumble appearance, and he won’t mind that one little bit. Joining him is Clash of the Castle MOTY dancing partner Sheamus.

They get straight into thwacking the hell out of each other, because of course they do! You can feel the blows from here, and Gunther nearly eliminates Sheamus over the tip. Sheamus hits back with a backbreaker and his own attempt.

Next in is: The Miz. He backs off from the apron as Sheamus makes eyes, Gubther takes advantage to get Sheamus over the top, Miz tries to take advantage without having yet entered the ring. 

Sheamus goes to the outside (not over the top) to chase Miz down and get him inside and take some punishment from both men.

Guther and Miz have Sheamus nearly eliminated as Kofi Kingston joins the Rumble by flying in with a crossbody and then takes Gunther down!

Kofi wriggles out of the grapple of Sheamus before Sheamus and Gunther get back at it. Number 5 in it’s Johnny Gargano.

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Miz fails to eliminate Johnny Wrestling, who then hits a DDT in turn and ghen gets Miz on the ropes, before Sheamous takes over for ten beats of the Bodhrán and a few more for luck.

Booker T says he’s “still waiting on a text message”… so his presence behind the desk doesn’t count him out of the Men’s Rumble Match, just yet.

Rosenberg tips Rhea Ripley for the Women’s Rumble, Booker says it’s “the time for Rhea Ripley’s breakout moment”, Patrick opts for local girl Raquel Rodriguez. Who have you got?

There’s a short clip of Roman Reigns on Friday night’s The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, but you can watch the whole thing here if you missed it.

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